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This is a PREORDER. Signed copies expected to ship the end of May. A personalized, signed copy of To Hell You Ride including a bookmark, a print, and three stickers. Print artwork is by Mon Reyes.


To Hell You Ride Signed Paperback PREORDER

Expected a 2-4 week processing time on all pre-orders
  • Something has landed deep in the mountains of Colorado … and it’s hungry.

    Telluride is Effie's home, where she spends her days exploring the mountains and her nights working in the airport's control tower. When she sees something fall from the sky and mysterious deaths start plaguing the mountains, Effie is determined to locate the impact site. There she crosses paths with Kel, an astrophysicist and the only other person to see the UFO. It doesn’t take the pair long to identify that their unidentified object is no mere meteorite.

    Meanwhile, Lance, Effie’s cousin and the chief deputy sheriff, is in over his head. He was hired by an underground agency to keep the presence of aliens on Earth a secret, but that was easier before one was living under his feet.

    As Lance tries to keep things contained, Effie and Kel team up to prove that there’s something dangerous and extraterrestrial hiding in the mountains. And all the while, the death toll keeps rising.

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