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The Leaves May Fall Duology

This duology is an adult fantasy with dark themes including violence, murder, strong language, sex, and drug and alcohol use.

Leaves May Fall

Book One

When it comes to fate, where is the line between being predestined and being condemned?


Merriam was born a regular girl in a mundane world. Mollian is a fae prince whose family is charged with guarding the Gate that binds every existence together. Both of their lives were forever changed when they met in the woods as children, sparking a bond in their souls deeper than either of them understood.


Now an adult, Merriam has spent the last seven years securing her place in the magical realm Mollian calls home. She has built a reputation as a formidable mercenary, working to prove her merit outside of her friendship with the second-born prince and navigating her ever-growing feelings for his older brother. When a pattern of strange disappearances and gruesome murders appears, she and the mercenaries she runs with are hired by the Crown to hunt down and eradicate those responsible. 


But as it becomes evident that the darkness they’re chasing is not of this realm, what starts as a routine job becomes a fight for survival and a mission to protect the powerful magic that resides within their world.



Mountains Will Crumble

Book Two

Is it the corrupted who thirst for power, or does power corrupt those to whom it is given?

Merriam and Mollian have survived demon attacks, heartbreak, and a complete upheaval of their lives, but their struggle is far from over. Merriam is now Sekha’s Marshal and is known throughout the kingdom as the demonslayer. Though many of the Royal Guard respect her position, there are still some who begrudge her prestige and would love to see her fall. Mollian, who never expected to rule, is determined to make the most of his reign. But the magic he possesses runs deep, and its presence in his blood has only grown more insistent and demanding since he was crowned.

Friendships and alliances shift within the kingdom while across realms, a demon king plots to take control of the Gate that would grant him access to any reality in existence. It’s not just the fate of Nethyl, but the fate of all life that rests in the hands of a third-born Keeper and the human whose soul is tethered to his.


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A Code of Conduct

Book Two point Five

An assassin, a horticulturist, a falconer, a thief, and a vigilante walk into a bar ...

Aleah navigates a relationship with Kodi, trying to figure out how the Ranger fits into her life when childhood taught her that love isn’t safe. Calysta reconnects with her people and their sacred traditions while Leonidas and Campbell help the king unearth a treasonous plot. Through it all, Jasper does what he can to keep everyone level-headed and on task as events unfold, more dangerous and violent than any of them expected.


Leaves may fall, and mountains will crumble, but Sekha’s finest mercenaries know how to take everything in stride. At least mostly.


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