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A personalized, signed copy of Mountains Will Crumble including a bookmark, a print, and three stickers. Print artwork is by Mon Reyes.


Mountains Will Crumble Signed Paperback

  • Is it the corrupted who thirst for power, or does power corrupt those to whom it is given?

    Merriam and Mollian have survived demon attacks, heartbreak, and a complete upheaval of their lives, but their struggle is far from over. Merriam is now Sekha’s Marshal and is known throughout the kingdom as the demonslayer. Though many of the Royal Guard respect her position, there are still some who begrudge her prestige and would love to see her fall. Mollian, who never expected to rule, is determined to make the most of his reign. But the magic he possesses runs deep, and its presence in his blood has only grown more insistent and demanding since he was crowned.

    Friendships and alliances shift within the kingdom while across realms, a demon king plots to take control of the Gate that would grant him access to any reality in existence. It’s not just the fate of Nethyl, but the fate of all life that rests in the hands of a third-born Keeper and the human whose soul is tethered to his.

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