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A personalized, signed copy of Leaves May Fall including a bookmark, an art print, and three stickers. Bookmark and print artwork is by Will Hatch (@hatchatwork)


A personalized, signed copy of Mountains Will Crumble including a bookmark, a print, and three stickers. Print artwork is by Mon Reyes.

Leaves May Fall Signed Paperback

This item is a pre-order and is expected to ship within 2-4 weeks.
  • When it comes to fate, where is the line between being predestined and being condemned?

    Merriam was born a regular girl in a mundane world. Mollian is a fae prince whose family is charged with guarding the Gate that binds every existence together. Both of their lives were forever changed when they met in the woods as children, sparking a bond in their souls deeper than either of them understood.

    Now an adult, Merriam has spent the last seven years securing her place in the magical realm Mollian calls home. She has built a reputation as a formidable mercenary, working to prove her merit outside of her friendship with the second-born prince and navigating her ever-growing feelings for his older brother. When a pattern of strange disappearances and gruesome murders appears, she and the mercenaries she runs with are hired by the Crown to hunt down and eradicate those responsible.

    But as it becomes evident that the darkness they’re chasing is not of this realm, what starts as a routine job becomes a fight for survival and a mission to protect the powerful magic that resides within their world.

    Content Information: Leaves May Fall is an epic dark fantasy that contains depictions of violence, murder, strong language, sex, and drug and alcohol use.

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