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Carissa Hardcastle

Part-time adventurer; full-time bookworm

And because that simply isn't enough escapism,
writer of all things dark and fantastical

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To Hell You Ride: a Creature Feature

The Leaves May Fall Duology

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Meet the Author


Carissa is a lifelong adventurer and bookworm who will never turn down fast food, still listens to 2000s pop punk, and always greets wildlife that crosses her path. Though fiction has been her passion since she was young, she also spent seven years as an air traffic controller in the Air Force, where she cultivated a love for all things aviation. Carissa grew up exploring the Sierra Nevadas of California, but now lives in Colorado with her husband. Mountains are her happy place, and much of her writing pulls inspiration from the grandeur and magic of the Rockies. When not writing or out finding adventure, she enjoys consuming horror and fantasy in any medium available.

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